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Metroid Prime Hunters Metroid Speedruns

3rd May 2021: "I can neither confirm, nor deny, anything..."

My sincerest congratulations on the Prime 2D development team (Team SCU) for getting that demo out into the wild. I remember the first builds coming out of, so it's inspirational to see just how far it's come in the following years.

Considering Nintendo of America have - technically - known of its existence since the beginning, I can only trust that they'll leave it alone.

:: Mirror, mirror on the wall...

23rd November 2012: Nostalga-tastic!

So... I've been asked by a few of the hardcore SCU fans (who, even though I peeved off with the closure of SCU), wanted to see the backups online. So having only just found the hard drive they were on, I thought I might as well (even more so now that the hosts offer unlimited space and bandwidth!).

Just to clarify, IS NOT COMING BACK! Rather, this is just me returning a favor for those who wanted the domain to be back. I don't have any forum backups, but I believe you can find a fairly recent one at: Forum Backup

I have moved on to overseeing strategy guide production (full-time) at, so anyone who wants to set up home here is welcome to do so, or if you want to ask me a question about SCU, then you'll find me there. :)

Andrew 'Guide Writing Speed Monkey' Mills

11th May 2006: More MP3 Footage and FULL Hunters Soundtrack!

Not only have I added an extra 20 seconds of new footage to the zip file linked to in yesterdays update, I've also added up a 40-meg video clip from Jeuxfrance of someone playing MP3 on the show floor! It actually looks pretty sweet (especially the new Grapple Beam mechanics), and no doubt it'll take a little while to get accustomed to. But I reckon the opening level will be designed well enough to give us a chance to get used to it. You can download the video from the link below...

I've also added 24 screenshots of the E3 2006 trailer and the fact sheet to the site for those of you who haven't seen the video clip yet. I'll add up links to the official hi-res renders of MP3 tomorrow once I get the chance. The link for the screenshots can be found at the end of today's update.

Finally, as promised, my suprise is ready... I have managed to finish the ripping, editing and tagging of the ENTIRE Metroid Prime Hunters soundtrack! Now, seeing as there isn't an official tracklisting (yet) for the music, I have left them labelled as track 01, 02, 03 etc. Once a tracklisting is ready, I will re-master the MP3's for the second Symphony of Samus CD (better editing, fades, ID3 tags etc). Either way, you can get all 34 tracks (plus a handy playlist file) for free from the link below. Be sure to spread the link around as much as possible! A personal thankyou goes out to NST for being the first Metroid developer to include a Sound Test in the game. It was very useful indeed! :)

:: Metroid Prime 3 "Floor" Footage (40 Megs)
:: The Latest MP3 Game Info and Screenshots
:: Complete MP:Hunters Soundtrack! (MP3) (63.8 Megs)

10th May 2006: Metroid Prime 3: Corruption Footage!

Click the 1st link below for the unwatermarked Metroid Prime 3 footage (and official fact sheet) and the second link for more MP3 information than you can probably handle...

:: Metroid Prime 3 Footage!!!
:: Very Best MP3 Game Info...

Expect MUCH more content over the next couple of days. Including my very nice suprise...

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